Chocolate Moonshine Truffle Bars are pure Belgian chocolate filled with silky smooth centers. Each illegally good piece is uniquely hand painted with cocoa butter and made with fresh-pressed ingredients in small batches. 


The Classic Collection includes 10 non-alcoholic flavors:

Black Raspberry 

Decadent Dark


Sea Salt Caramel 

Wild Strawberry 


Triple Chocolate 

Toasted Almond 




20 Gram Pieces | 200 Grams Total 

Truffles: Classic Collection 10ct

  • Fresh Cream, Belgian Chocolate Liquor, Belgian Milk Chocolate (Contains Dry Whole Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin added as Emulsifier.) Natural Flavor, Organic Whole Milk, Organic Cane Sugar, Invert Sugar, Butter, Natural Flavors, Vanilla Beans, Nut Pastes, Almonds Hazelnuts, Spices, Coffee, Strawberries, Raspberries, Pectin, Sea Salt, FD&C Yellow 5

  • Gluten-Free


    0 Trans Fats 

    Produced in facility that processes peanuts & tree nuts.